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Being a mother of two little princess, I always ensure that the products that I used are natural, organic, and safe for my girls, especially during breastfeeding period.  


My first breastfeeding was not easy.  Low milk supply, cracked nipples, and colicky problems had put me into very difficult moments especially for the first three months.  I had struggled a fair bit but thank God, I made it through, with a strong believe that breastfeeding is the best gift for my girl - SAFE, NATURAL,HEALTHY AND CHEAPEST, coupled with encouragements and helps from experienced breastfeeding friends and family members, and of course, with all ready and free information from internet.


Creating this website, to put all research and information that I gathered to assist all breastfeeding mothers around the world for their purchase decision, is always my dream.  Hope that this site really helps.  Have a good day and enjoy your breastfeeding moments!









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